Over at Mutts Makeover Dog Grooming Southampton, Hampshire, we understand that its not just about owning a dog, its about having a loyal and trusting best friend. We intend to carry on that care and make every dog that steps through the door our best friend as well!


With every appointment it is very important that you turn up to your allotted time schedule as i will be going through a free health consultation with you. I will ask you such questions like 

  • Dogs grooming history
  • Their behaviour
  • Coat condition 
  • Medical Condition - such as, warts, skin conditions or anything out of the ordinary i need to be aware of. 
  • Grooming preferences.

If you dog has any matts i will discuss how to deal with them depending on how bad they are. I will also talk about ways of preventing them in the future. 

The more information which is given to me about your dog the better groom i will be able to perform. This also enables me to meet all the needs your dogs might have such as, behaviour issues and ways to avoid them. By knowing this issues i can make it a much more enjoyable and safer experience for them and me as well,



As you know fleas arent the most pleaseant of things, we charge a little extra due to having to clean the salon.

Grumpy Pups:

If your dog happens to be a bit aggressive, we will slow down and take my time to achieve the best possible groom. The extra time will not cost you that much more however it will be needed for the groomers and dogs safety. 

Accidental damage done by the dog:

Accidental damage done by your dog is not the best of things. However, to keep our equipment to the safest standard possible we need to replace anything that has been badly damaged. I will not charge you for the whole product but a small fee will be kindly requested.


If your dog comes arrives in a badly mattted condition i will suggest that we should consider clipping shorter than usual, especially if the matts are extremely close to the skin and/or is causing the dog significant discomfort. When dematting i will charge a small fee as seen on Our Services.